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Facebook comments

Here are some comments from readers of our Free papers for Africa and Asia facebook page


"These news papers are very encouraging and edifying, they express the power of God at work in the life of different individuals May God bless the entire team."

Patrick from Kenya


"Soon magazine make most of the people to be saved May God make you reach unreached."

Edward from Kenya

what a place to eat from.i tnk God today i hv found it.

Godwin, JP

What a great resource. I am so glad to have found it.

Tom, President of 4141 Ministries

SOON has been a blessing to me from the time I started and finished the course teach yourself the good life!!

Richard from Kapanoula Primary School

today i received my soon paper magazine. I feel myself lucky to be a member to receive such a magazine which helps me a lot

Madan from Jammu

I have received 'SOON' Papers, it was very much blessing to me. Thank you. May God richly bless all readers.

Dani from Kakkanad

I received a free copy of soon on 25th june..i read it and found it really inspiring..thankyou.. 

Shweta from Calcutta

The day i read freepaper booklet i new my live has change that right now my life has been blessed,i want to say glory to Him in heaven and may God bless all the good followers of christ in Jesus name Amen

Kufre Essien from King Solomon High School