Who are we?

Where are we?
SOON Ministries is based in Willington, a small village near Derby, England. The River Trent flows through the village; very popular with fishermen, it is one of the longest in the country at 274 kilometres.
In the days of the Romans, the river was called the ‘Trisantona’. We also have an old boat canal - the ‘Trent and Mersey Canal’ – built over 200 years ago to connect the River Trent with the River Mersey.

Originally used by horse-drawn ‘narrow boats’ (freight boats only 2 metres/7 feet wide), it now carries holiday boats.


We are in sight of Toyota’s new car factory at Burnaston.

The rail lines from Derby to Crewe and Birmingham pass through the village, giving a regular flow of trains, however, very few stop as we are a very small village. Occasionally we see a steam-engine ‘special’ passing by.

Our base is this lovely old stone building, about 150 years old. Bells still hang in the kitchen, which were operated by pull-wires in the walls to call for the servants. There is also a stable block which had room for a horse, carriage and coachman’s flat in past times. Now it is living accommodation. Verelodge
Since 1962, SOON has been producing free easy-English literature which is sent out by direct-mail around the world. You will find samples of our free printed material on this site and how to order. We started building this web-site in 1996.

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Gweno Hugh-Jones

Gweno Hugh-Jones
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Why do we do it?

Quite easy – we have found something good, and we want to share it with you. It has often been said that Christianity is one beggar telling others where to find bread. We do not claim to be better than anyone else. In fact, the starting point for us has been to realise just how bad and helpless we are.
We have found that there is a real God who cares for each of us - more than we can put into words. He is not a far-off God ‘out there’, a hard God just waiting for a chance to punish us. Neither is He a God who can be impressed by anything we do. We cannot earn favour from Him by doing good things or following religious practices. Everything He offers us is free. Nothing He gives us is earned or deserved. And what He wants for us is quite mind-blowing. He can change us and set us free to be the real people we always wanted to be.

What do we believe?

We are ‘inter-denominational’ – SOON Ministries does not belong to any particular church grouping or denomination. So we are not trying to “recruit members” for any church. We have friends and supporters in all the main Christian church groups.
We are ‘evangelical’. That means we believe that God has a message for the world today in the Bible - and that the Bible contains everything we need to know about God and life. And we believe it is possible to find God and know Him as a personal friend and helper.
At the same time, we do not preach at you. We respect your own beliefs, culture and background. But we hope our pages will cause you to think about some of the most important questions in life.

What does “SOON” mean?

Almost any way we look at life in the world today, it is getting worse. Maybe in some countries there are improvements: better health-care, improved human rights or sexual equality, and easier access to good education. But in many other respects, everyday life and world events seem to be moving towards crisis and meltdown – something predicted in the Bible: “things that must happen soon.” (Rev 1:1) We do not suggest any timescale or order for future events. But the name “SOON” communicates a sense of urgency – about the need for the world – and that each of us should find out why we are here.


SOON is a member of the UK Evangelical Alliance and is a registered non-profit charity in the UK.
Reg. number 237005.

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