The story of Isa Al Masih as inspired to Luke, in easy English

"Isa - the first Palestinian Revolutionary"

...claimed the banners at the PLO rally in Bethlehem, birthplace of Isa Al Masih, on the occasion of the speech by Chairman Yassir Arafat in December 1995.

The life of Isa al-Masih interests people of all religions. But what kind of revolution did he seek to bring? Who was He? What did He do? What did He teach? Why did he command his followers to love their enemies?

The Holy Injil begins with four accounts of the life of Isa Al Masih, Kalimat Allah - each written from a different viewpoint by authors whom God chose. Although written by men, it was inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. Here you can read a translation into easy English of the account written by Luke, who lived at the time of Isa Al Masih. In order to write it, Luke carried out much careful research. He wanted his readers to be sure of the truth of the Injil.

This website carries the noble Gospel of Luke online, in easy English, and has a link to a file of the whole Holy Injil, and notes to explain the Holy Injil. It also has a link to the Holy Injil in Arabic, and how to obtain an Arabic language web-browser program, and a Real-Audio version of part of the Holy Injil.

For reconcilation and understanding between different beliefs, it is good that we understand more about each other, and what we each believe. The Prince of Wales has recently spoken about the importance of such understanding.

What people say about the Holy Injil

People who read the Holy Injil for the first time comment:

"A positive effect on my daily life in general. A light showing me the right way."

Youssef of Morocco

"...taught me things I used to dream of, and threw light on the way of salvation, and brought me near to Jesus Christ."

Aboubaker of Morocco

"...a sense of peace and rest, a new knowledge as if I had been born again..."

Mohamed of Morocco

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The Holy Injil written by Luke
An easy English translation for those learning English, or who speak English as a second language.

Information on the Holy Injil.
Includes an online correspondence course in easy English. See also free offer below for free Arabic or French correspondence courses, and a free copy of the Holy Gospel according to Luke in Arabic.

The Arabic Holy Injil online
The whole Holy Bible, both Old and New Testament parts, is online. You can also hear the books of John and Acts in spoken Arabic if you have a sound card and a RealAudio browser plugin.


If you would like to receive a free copy of the noble Gospel according to Luke in Arabic, together with a free correspondence course in Arabic (or French) on the life of Isa Al Masih and the prophets who came before him, please write to:

You may

You may do the BIBLE COURSE Questions on line and send your answers for marking.

Or you can download the course in the following formats:

Bible Course in Arabic RTF format zip file (33K)

Bible Course in Arabic MSWORD 2 format zip file (25K)

Bible Course in Arabic MSWORD 6 format zip file (29K)

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