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Too Busy

Betty Jo Mings

I'm too busy to spend time in reading God's Word
And too busy to find time to pray.
I'm too busy to teach a Sunday School class.
There just aren't enough hours in each day.

My time is all scheduled, from morning 'til night,
With dozens of tasks to be done.
I rise before dawn and scarce catch my breath
'Til long after the setting of sun.

And, Sunday's the only day I can sleep in.
I'm so tired, I need time to unwind.
But, yet, there is cleaning and laundry to do,
And a multitude of jobs I still find.

My family and friends have to take a back seat,
While hoping I'll soon squeeze them in.
I'm living on coffee and vitamin pills;
Seems each day's gone before I begin.

I'm planning, some day, to go back to my church
And, perhaps, find some fellowship, there.
I'm sure I'll have time, then, to study the Word
And time to meet Jesus in prayer.

But, today, I'm too busy to change my routine -
Because there's so much left to do.
I just hope, when my life ends and I meet the Lord,
He won't say, "I'm too busy for you!"

© 2004 Betty Jo Mings

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