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Schedules and wavelengths for Africa, Asia, Europe & S America

Wherever you live in the world, you can find programmes for your country and language. Here are some main broadcasting stations. Please email us if any of the links do not work. You can also listen to many of these stations using a computer.

FEBA – for Africa, Indian subcontinent, and Middle East

FEBC – programs for E Africa, India, Pakistan, Central Asia, S E Asia, China and Japan

IBRA – broadcasting to Africa, Asia, Europe, N and S America

Trans World Radio – programs in many languages for most parts of the world

HCJB – for S America, Australia and more

CVC Radio – English to Africa, Hindi/English to India, Spanish and Portuguese to S America, Chinese for China, Bahasa Indonesian for Indonesia

Specialized (easy) English – ideal for English learners and second-language speakers. You can listen to these online in MP3 format, and download them to give to others

Sat 7 – satellite TV in the Middle East

Voice of Asia – Hindi radio by satellite and Internet

Global Recordings – not radio, but downloadable MP3 recordings in a big range of languages.

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