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Double Dating With My Mother
Ronald A. McArthur

I'm a highly intelligent seventeen-year-old very attractive senior in our high school. This isn't supposed to be happening to me. Didn't somebody once said that your senior year was supposed to be your best year in high school. Well mine simply isn't. Now, I've just been paged once again to go to the Principal's office. I wonder what I did wrong now. Boy my mom's going to be mad at me this time. She said if I got in trouble one more time in that office she would really punish me. I wonder what I did?

What I did, hey, what a minute, let's back up this story to the summer before my senior year and I can tell you where all of this really began. I had just gotten off of work at five o'clock and went to the mall to buy a new swimsuit for our annual family trip to the coast. Our family had been doing this for as long as I could remember. I always complained, but ever since I meet Bill down there three years ago, I really didn't mind going. Bill is now a college freshman and a star athlete. Bill and I would enjoy long walks on the beach .It was so romantic. You know the feeling one gets when the gentle sea breeze blows right through your hair and the full moon's light reflects in the waves as they come crashing a shore. Bill and I would sneak out of our condos and spend the entire night out on the beach. That was our little secret, the kind you would never tell your parents. You know they wouldn't understand. I looked forward each summer to enjoying his company. I guess I just didn't think this summer would be any different.

The beginning of our annual trip to Padre Island was very uneventful even by our standards. My younger brother Todd slept, and my parents didn't say a word. My Dad drove and my Mother brought a great deal of work with her. My dad loved to drive. He was an important businessman and spent a great deal of time on the road. That was what I had always believed. However, the truth would become more apparent that day and it didn't set real well with Todd or I.

I forgot who told what first, or what was said exactly. Whether it was Dad breaking the silence or Mom At that point, I was so shocked, I didn't know what to do or say. All I kept on saying," Why wait until my senior year. Why not my junior year or my Freshman year in college." Well that was silly, you see, what they said really didn't have much to do about me, but actually it did, it ruined my life!

I yelled out," What did you say?"

My mother turned around and told me," This will be our last family trip together."

All I could asked," Why?"

My mother said," Todd, Julie, your father and I have filed for divorce. You can live with either one of us. We don't care. I just figured since this is your senior year and you are the captain of the varsity cheerleaders that you Julie would live in the house with me. Todd , your father and I thought you might want to go live with him and his new family right here on the beach."

Todd was all excited muttering something about 24/7 fishing. I however, was upset. "Did you say Divorce? I never knew. Wait, Wait a minute, you said his new family. What do you mean?"

My mother put down her papers and looked at me and said," Your father has met someone else and they have fallen in love. I believe you may know her. Coach Richardson, Diana Richardson. I think she was your cheerleader sponsor last spring when Darla got sick."

Now I didn't believe what I was hearing. Coach Richardson was beautiful, young and smart, what did she see in my dad. He was a dad. She was probably 25 or 26 years old and my dad must be, let's see, his last birthday was November and he turned 36- well almost 37 years old. Then I started to think this can't be real. Coach Richardson just talked to me the other day about cheerleading and how she looked forwards to seeing a lot more of me this fall. Oh, I get it now, seeing a lot more of me this fall. Of course she would, she was taking my dad and then she figured she would take me too! I guess it's an instant family thing! I don't know.

The rest of the trip was quiet. At this point I didn't know what to say or how to say anything to my mother. I felt sorry for her. However, she looked happy. She didn't seem sad, in fact she seemed the happiest in the whole family. We finally pulled into the condo and unloaded the car. Mom said goodbye to Dad and Dad bid us a good-bye. He drove off and out of our lives forever. I assumed he left to take his vacation with Ms. Richardson. At first, I thought just great, I would have to cheer mom up and everything. My whole two weeks on the beach would be spent babysitting my mother. I was working up a great argument to tell my mother of how I needed to be just a kid and go on the beach. I looked so good in that new swimsuit and I wanted to work on my tan. I went up stairs and changed and came back down.

That is where I was totally shocked. Instead of seeing my mother sitting there with piles of paper in front of her, reading some report or doing something on the computer. There was mother in a thong bikini. A totally awesome swim suit- my mother. I told her," Not bad, mom!"

She replied, " What's a matter, You didn't think I still had it in me?"

What is that mom?

She replied," You know what I mean." And she winked at me.

I knew exactly what she meant. My mother looked hot. She could have been my older sister that I never had. She didn't look like any mother I knew and from that point on she didn't act like any mother I knew either. For the two weeks on Padre mother and I were swimming everyday. Well, we went to the beach and got a great tan. Mom meets a real nice man. His name was Richard something. I wasn't really good with names but, I never forget a face- especially his. I could definitely see what mom saw in this man. Although he had a great personality, his looks were so strong, that they over shadowed everything else.

We made it through the rest of the summer. It was hard. I didn't see Bill, but I met another guy- Frank. Frank was okay, but he wasn't Bill. School started out okay, but after football season everything began to change. Our football team was horrible. We didn't win a game this year. In fact we only scored points in the next to last game. Our school board fired our football coach and today they were bringing in the new coach to meet the principal.

That's what I remembered about my senior year so far. I was called to the principal's office. That never surprised me or any one in school. I was in trouble almost constantly. It kind of goes with the territory, I was hoping to meet the new coach. I went to the Secretary's desk. Mrs. Winkler just smiled and mumbled," They are waiting for you inside and it looks serious."

What, they are waiting for me- who is they? I didn't have time for small talk. I ran the office and knocked on the door.

Inside the office, my mother was already waiting for me and she looked mad. I was just about to tell her I wasn't in any trouble when she told me to sit down. She said," The Superintendent took my recommendation and hired Richard Swanson as our new head football coach. You remember Richard, don't you?'

Yes, of course I remembered Richard, he was the hunk from the beach. I was looking at him when my mother said," I guess you are wondering why I called you to my office today. Well, Richard and I want to know if you and Frank would like to be our guests at Wagon Wheel Restaurant. It could be a double date!"

Well, that was my senior year. I had the principal, my mother, my coach and Frank every time I went out on a date. Who could ask for anything more.

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