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Sleepy shepherds stunned by angel voices in the sky,
Proclaiming something wonderful in Bethlehem nearby;
The shepherds ran to see this child, a King of noble birth,
For God had sent his Only Son, to bring us peace on earth.


The precious little manger scene, fulfillment of God's will,
Was foreshadowing a lonely cross, upon Golgotha's hill;
The hands that fashioned time and space - now tiny and so frail,
Would one day lie upon a cross, pierced cruelly by a nail.


Jacob's star had beckoned them, across an endless sky,
The weary Magi sought the King, their quest to satisfy;
Even then, the gifts presented: gold and frankincense and myrrh,
Portrayed a priceless sacrifice, that Jesus would endure.


The many prophecies fulfilled, revealed part of God's plan,
To unshackle death's unholy grip, upon the soul of man;
While hanging on that cursed cross, the crowd began to rail,
But the Son of God would pay the cost - and tear in two, the veil.

Once isolating man from God, and why he sent his Son,
To show the riches of his grace: the victory had been won!


The heart of God had planned The Way, to redeem man's wicked soul
One death and resurrection - accomplishing the goal;
Beyond imagination the Creator left his throne!
To teach his lost and erring lambs to worship God alone.


Jesus' precious blood was spilled, full payment for our sin;
Its cleansing to my heart applied, when I fully trust in Him;
The free gift of life eternal, clears the debt against your soul,
Releases you from ancient bonds, that so long were in Control.


The Message of the Gospel, is still changing lives today;
His touch will clear the weight of sin - you only need to pray;
Precious baby in the manger, sent so that we might believe,
Became our risen Savior; his free gift you can receive.


God says, "Trust in what you cannot see, for faith is what you need."
The cross becomes your bridge to life, the Savior's hand will lead.
The Bible clearly states as fact that Christ will come again;
So be prepared to meet Him; for it's not just IF, it's WHEN.


poem by Lucy E. Hayes
Woodinville, WA

Author's permission granted to reproduce the text