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Many have tried to find real meaning for their lives, in an hundred different ways. Others have given up, and said, "There is no answer, there is no meaning."

But for our lives to have meaning and purpose, we must find answers. A solution is needed that can answer each of my problems, Something that really works.


  1. I need something that can help me handle life better
  2. I need a new power to stop doing things I know are bad for me and others
  3. I need strength to act in a new way
  4. I need some way of dealing with my past - the hurtful things that have happened to me, and the things I realise now I did wrong, that have hurt me or others
  5. I need real answers to the purpose of life - why I am here, and what is my life for
  6. I need something for that space in my life that nothing else has filled
  7. I need friendship in my life - a trustworthy relationship so that I am never alone
  8. I need a way of taking important life decisions
  9. I need something to take away fear - fear of the past, the future, bad luck, ancestors, spirits, death - all those things we try to forget

We have found such a solution. We have found the missing piece of the jigsaw that makes everything else fit together. We ask you to consider the solution. It may not seem believable to you at first. You may feel that it cannot be for you.



It is this:

  • There is a creator God - He made everything for a purpose
  • He is a real person, not just sort of power or force in the world
  • It is possible to find Him and know Him
  • He has made a way for this to happen
  • He sent Jesus to live on the earth, to show us what God is like
  • He loves you more than you can imagine
  • He has a plan for your own life


It can't be true

You may have many reasons for dismissing such a Christian message. It may seem very different from what you have learned or believe. The actions of so-called Christians may have put you off. It may be that so-called Christian nations have in the past done damage to your country. If this is so, please accept our apology for such terrible things in the past.

In fact, nations cannot be 'Christian nations' in any real sense. It is doubtful whether at any time even half of the people in Britain had a real personal belief and trust in God. Usually in the past, the percentage of those with a real belief, who knew God in a personal way, was very small. Only one person out of 20 in Britain is such a Christian today. In many parts of Europe, this figure is much lower. Today is often called the 'post-Christian' time in Europe and the West. In fact, the main religious view in many parts of Europe is 'New Age'. TV and newspapers laugh at the Christian view. The names of God and Jesus are frequently used as swear words.


The wrong sort of church

It may be that you have been to a Christian church, at some time or another, and it seemed cold, or formal.

But we ask you not to judge God by the people who may carry His name. All Christians are sinners. It is often said:


"Christians are just beggars who can tell other beggars where to find bread."


The big ones

These are the biggest questions in life! You must consider them!

Read how God has changed many lives. If you know any real Christians, ask them how God has changed them. Ask them what they believe and why. Throw some hard questions at them!

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