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Everything that we have looked at so far, is leading up to this. It is that God is speaking to you personally. The Bible is not a book of rules, but a series of love letters. God is calling to you, just to you. Imagine, if you will, that He has written you a letter. This is what He is saying:


"My child,
I have loved you since before you were born. I understand all that you have gone through. I have been with you through all those times. My desire is that you should know Me, the God and Maker of the whole world, as a friend and helper.

But there is a wall between us. It is called 'sin', 'wrongdoing', 'going your own way'. Only I can break the wall down, but only if you ask Me.

Jesus has paid the punishment for your sin. He died for you personally. Turn around, and ask Me to forgive you. Serve me and follow me, as Lord and Messiah. I will be like a father and mother to you. I will show you love that you could never imagine. I have plans for your life - plans for good. By yourself, you will never find those good things. With me, walking together with you through your life, you will be a new person.

I will set you free to be yourself, and will never leave you. You will be with me forever. Hand over your life to me, and I will give it back to you - new, different, and wonderful."



This is the biggest question in your life - how to respond to God's offer.

You may not feel that you can say 'yes' yet. But do not say 'no'. Do not make your heart hard. Take time to consider these things. Look at what the Bible says. Study our Bible course.

You may think,

"Can it really be true?"

Yet you are not sure. Then do what so many people have done. Talk to God. Say,


"God, if you are there, if you are real, please show me if these things are true!"

This is a prayer God will always answer.
Then wait for Him to show you.



If you are ready:

  • to follow God and serve Him
  • to trust Jesus as your sin-bearer - as the one who can save you
  • to turn away from your old life


  • Talk to God - pray to Him.
  • Respond to His Love.
  • Tell Him what you feel.
  • Thank Him for His love.
  • Thank Him that Jesus died for you personally.
  • Ask Him to forgive you for everything you have ever done.
  • Tell Him that you want to love Him and serve Him.
  • Promise that you will turn from all wrong things, with His help.
  • Ask Him to give you His Spirit - to give you strength to live this new life.

It isn't any particular words that are important. They are not magic. It is the desire of your heart that is important. Your own words are best.
We could give you a written prayer here to say. But we won't. On some other websites, even those we have linked to, you may see such a prayer written for you to use.

That is OK if it helps you.



If you have made this step, it is the most important one you will ever take.


Tell someone.

Please send us a message.


Can I say "no"?

Well, yes, you can. If you feel you cannot say "yes" to God's offer, please do not say "no". Keep your mind open. Take time to consider. "No" is a terrible, final answer, to God's love.


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