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Air Travel Ticket Information

For long distance travel in Britain, air travel is worth considering.

Travel agents can give more information. British Airways offer a 'Europe Airpass', but only to BA travellers from certain countries outside Europe.
British Midland offer a 'Discover Europe Pass' giving unlimited flights. It is only available to residents outside Europe (except Iceland and Greece).

You may find cheap 'standby' tickets available for certain flights.

Arriving by air

There are good transport links from all airports to city centres.

Gatwick Airport Guide

The guide has recently been updated and is an information resource covering everything to do with the airport and the local surrounding area.

Heathrow Airport Guide

the definitive resource to help you find everything you need when travelling to, from and around the world's busiest international airport.

Luton Airport Guide

is easily accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere in the UK by public and private transport.

Stansted Airport Guide

is easily accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere in the UK by public and private transport.


A guide to parking at Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport Cars & Taxis

At Stansted Airport Taxis & Cars we are able to provide a professional and courteous private hire service that seeks to deliver a first class airport transfer everytime that delivers true value for money 24/7, 365 days a year.

A guide to hotels near Stansted Airport

London City Airport Guide

There are different ways in which you can get to London City airport from many locations in the UK. We have put together some travel information to help you find the best mode of transport for your trip.

A guide to East Midlands Airport

A guide to East Midlands Airport with a list of hotels and flight information.

A guide to Birmingham Airport

A guide to Birmingham Airport with a list of hotels and flight information. It allows users to save money by comparing Birmingham hotel accommodation prices.

Birmingham Airport hotels

A guide to Heathrow Terminal 4 including hotels and flight information.

Hotels near Old Trafford

Do not take a taxi unless you are sure how much it will cost.
To take a taxi from London airports will be expensive, unless you are a large group!
London Heathrow to central London would be about £35!

Go by train or bus if possible!

London Heathrow has frequent electric underground trains to the centre of London, as well as buses.

London Gatwick has Gatwick Express and other trains directly to London or the South Coast.

'Thameslink' trains from the south coast also stop at Gatwick, and go non-stop across London to Luton and Bedford.

This saves changing trains in London, if you are travelling to parts of the North of England.

Cheap flights

Britain (and London in particular) is known as one of the best places to buy cheap air tickets, and they can be much cheaper than buying them in your own country. But there are difficulties! It may not be so easy to use a credit card across frontiers to buy a cheap ticket. And some agents may not be prepared to give the cheapest tickets to overseas buyers.

If you have friends or contacts in Britain, it may be possible for them to help you, and buy tickets for you.

You must however be very careful when buying air tickets. With cheap tickets, you may not be able to change dates or times later, or receive a refund if you cannot travel for any reason. And not all ticket agents are reliable. An agent might go out of business, or cheat you! Dealing with an agent in a different country adds to the difficulties. Of course, you may find that tickets are cheaper from an agent in your country anyway. Payment by credit card may give you protection against non-delivery of tickets for any reason - check with your credit card company.

There is however a good honest travel agent in Britain that we recommend. He may be able to help you to obtain cheap air flights to Britain.

Mike Coles Travel 29 Sydney Road Exeter EX2 9AH England.

phone: (+44) 1392 219499

fax: (+44) 1392 275296

email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(For any communication please inform that - 'request via SOON website' Thank you.)

Cheap flights

The Cheap flights website also lists cheap flight options from Britain, and agents. We give it so that you can have a picture of some of the cheapest prices available. We do not know any of the agents listed, and so cannot give any recommendation. Many cheap flights are also advertised in British daily newspapers, particularly the Saturday issues of THE TIMES and THE DAILY TELEGRAPH.

Budget Travel

Lots of information on cheap travel offers around the world.

shows budget airlines that are not found on most booking engines (about 100 exist). It also allows the user to check several booking engines with only a few clicks. Basically, it provides a more complete picture of available flight options. does not sell tickets. It only provides information on where to find the best flight.

There are other websites based in USA which deal in worldwide travel, including cheap flights, to various destinations, which you may also like to look at:




offers many thousand travel guides, tips, a travel community, deals. What makes us really different is the fact that we are the only travel search engine that allows users to track their mileage programs, and we show all awards and bonuses along with each flight. Frequent flyers will like this tool very much.

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