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  • Laughter sometimes helps, but if we have real problems we need real help.

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True stories

  • about what really happened


  • This is a parable (a story with a meaning) from Stanley Klu, a SOON reader from Ghana

    One day, Bluebird was sitting on a tree near the river, doing what she liked best – singing as loud as she could. When she stopped, she heard someone shouting,“Help, help! I’m drowning!” Bluebird looked around, but she could not see anyone. She listened carefully, then she heard the cries again: “I’m drowning!” She looked down at the river and saw Bee floating on the surface. Bee kept trying to fly away, but her wings were too wet.

    Take a leaf

    Bluebird flew onto the branch of a tree beside the river. She tried to pick up Bee with her beak, but this was too difficult. She kept moving from one branch to another as Bee floated down the river. Bee saw Bluebird and shouted, “Take a leaf and drop it into the water in front of me. I will climb on it and fly away.” Bluebird did as Bee had said. Bee climbed on the leaf. Soon she was able to fly. She went to Bluebird and said, “Thank you. I would have drowned if you had not saved me. One day I will do something for you.”

    Then it was Bee’s turn

    Many years later, Bluebird was sitting in a tree in the forest, singing a song. She did not see the man who was standing under the tree. The man had a catapult. He looked up into the tree to find who was singing. When he saw Bluebird, he aimed at her with his catapult. Nearby, someone was watching. It was Bee! She saw that her friend Bluebird was in trouble. “I must save her,” she said to herself. Before the man could shoot, Bee flew quickly and stung him in the eye. The man cried out and dropped the catapult. “Thank you,” said Bluebird. “I was happy to save you, Bluebird my friend, because you saved me from drowning all those years ago,” Bee replied.