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The problem page

  • Laughter sometimes helps, but if we have real problems we need real help.

The illusion page

  • for fun with a difference

True stories

  • about what really happened
We are sorry that the SOON paper has now stopped publication. The final issue is online in PDF format. But there are many free resources you can find online - we hope this list will be helpful to you. We also want to send you our regular email news. Please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you news, ideas and resources, every month or two.

These pages will help you find out more about following Jesus. Or if you are already a Jesus-follower, give you ideas to tell others about this good news.

By email or smartphone app

    • Every Day Light. Bible explained every day by email (a 'devotional'). Go to and sign up for email in the 'subscription box' on the right-hand side. Then you MUST reply to the 'confirmation email' you get. (This also applies to all email newsletters you ask for.)



On a computer, tablet or smartphone

    • Free Bibles. If you have a 'smartphone' or tablet (also works on some 'feature phones'), you can download the free phone app, and read the Bible, in English and 750+ other languages.

      Choose the language to read in a 'dropdown' list on your phone. Note that your language may not be shown by its simplest name. Eg. Swahili is down under 'K' as Kiswahili. Check the complete list. Get the app by finding the Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows 'apps stores' on your phone. More languages are being added all the time. You can also read these Bibles at

      You can also get different 'devotionals' to read in the YouVersion app each day, when you have a wifi connection.


    • Easy Bibles. Free easy-English Bible, and study books for each book of the Bible. Download from



    • Global Christians. Wide range of free study ebooks, download in different formats:
    • DCI. Big range of study materials to download free, in 27 different languages:


    • Free Bible Commentary. Detailed study of the Bible, book by book, in a number of languages. Read the studies online, or request it on a CD posted to you:


  • Free posed photographs with actors, and drawings of Bible stories, that you can use to illustrate different stories from the Bible:

Short videos and full-length films


  • God: New Evidence. Short videos in several languages explain reasons to believe (sometimes called 'apologetics') about Christian faith:
  • More films online.
    • JESUS Film in many languages: (also available as smartphone app)
    • Films and animations in Asian languages:
    • Kairos Media have 'channels' on Vimeo with films dubbed into different Asian languages. Go to and then add after 'channels/' the language to watch. These are the languages available - write only one, in small letters: tajik shugni uzbek russianvideos kazakh urduvideos turkmen turkishvideos kyrgyz
      So, for example, to watch in Urdu, you would write in your web browser.

Audio online and radio, audio downloads, learning English


    • BBC World Service - listening to spoken English is a very good way to improve your English:
    • More radio/tv programmes in different languages. Many are also available to listen to online: FEBC - programs for E Africa, India, Pakistan, Central Asia, S E Asia, China and Japan | Trans World Radio - programs in many languages for most parts of the world | Sat 7 - satellite TV in the Middle East, also available online and through smartphone app.



Free literature

There are very few groups that produce free outreach literature and post it around the world. GPM is a group in UK which produces free small 'tracts' about the good news of Jesus. These leaflets are in English, French and a range of African and other languages. You can order leaflets in the languages you need here:

Finding God's help



Each of these websites has a contact webform for you to talk to an email advisor about problems in your life, or other questions. For instance, the Power to Change online form is at This is a safe private space where you can 'talk' by email to a trained helper, about any problem or question, big or small.


Sharing faith online

Many of the resources on this page can be shared with others online. For more help on this, visit:
  • Indigitous - arrange short digital-ministry seminars across cities in Africa and Asia, many other resources:
  • Mobile Ministry Forum - distance-learning, resources, ideas on using mobile phones:
  • Internet Evangelism Day - resources pages, blog and newsletter:

Help for your community


Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..