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by Anju Jolly, India

"Your husband could die any minute. He is a very sick man," my mother heard the doctor say.

My mother asked, "if he dies, how can I afford food for my three children?" So we were all afraid of what might happen to us.

I asked myself, "Is there a God that cares and wants to help us obtain what we need? I wonder how I can find out?"

Now we were a Hindu family living in central India. My grandmother was a practising Sikh. She spent much time three times each day asking the gods to help her. However my parents were different. They said, "Religious actions are not for today. We have no time for anything religious."

But my mother changed when she began to suffer with the sickness called arthritis. She then said, "I must be suffering for all the bad things I have done either in this life, or in my past lives on earth."

Is it true?

You see my mother thought, if she suffered now, she could be saved from experiencing the need to live on earth again. "How do you know that this is true?" I asked her.

"There is nothing else I can believe," she said to me.

This made me ask myself, "Why am I here on earth? Where will I go after this life?" I could find no answers to these questions. Then I met Pam. I could see she did not feel the way I felt.

"She speaks to her God about anything," I told my friends.

Then I also heard on the radio someone say, "Jesus died and then came back to life again."

This makes Jesus Christ different from every other god. I agreed, "No Hindu god ever did this."

So I went to a Christian church to find out more about this Jesus Christ. In this way, my life was changed. I found out how to obtain God's gift of His Spirit to live a changed life.