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by Pedro, Spain

"How can I obtain more drugs?" I cried. "I cannot live without the help of drugs!" You see, I was only 14 years of age when someone said to me, "Here, smoke this! It will make you feel good." so that is how my habit of drug-taking began. Yes, soon I felt I could not live without more and more drugs. So I found I needed more and more money to buy drugs.

So I began to steal things from my family and from shops. Then in the street I pointed my gun at people saying, "Give me your money, or I will shoot you!"

I lost all my friends. My family also said, "Get out of this house and never return here!"

I then realised the truth – drugs were killing me. "Unless someone told me how to escape from the desire for drugs, I will soon be dead," I said.

Then one day, I read in a paper, "We help drug-takers!" I decided, "I will go and see what these people think they can do for me."

So I stayed at their meeting place for seven months. But they failed. They did not take the desire for drugs from me.

Desire for drugs

Then one day, I read something in the magazine called 'La Paloma'. I read how people could say, "We could not escape from the desire for drugs. But now we have freedom. God gave us power to escape this desire. God gave us the power of the Spirit when we believed what Jesus Christ obtained for us by dying for us."

So I decided, "I will go to this 'Betel' meeting place as reported in 'La Paloma'. I will see if they can help me."

Now I found these Betel people never left me alone. Yes, someone was always there with me day and night. Then one day I cried out to God, "Please God, help me!"

I know God heard my cry. I found I now had power to escape the desire for drugs. At last I am free from the desire for drugs. I have found real peace of mind. I now enjoy life and helping other people to overcome their drug problem.