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a story from Japan

"Please tell people all over the world we are sorry. We are sorry for all the suffering our Japanese armies caused to so many people during the last World War," some Christian people in Japan now say."We will stop eating food for two days," these Japanese Christian people decided. "We will show in this way how sorry we are for all the suffering our Japanese armies caused during the Second World War!"

They also ask us, "Please forgive us for what we forced people to do. We know we forced people to go to our Shinto Temples. We are also sorry for the way we caused people to consider the Emperor of Japan to be a god, and to bend their heads to him."

Pearl Harbour

They also say, "We remember what our planes we did at Pearl Harbour and what our armies did in many countries of South East Asia. Yes, we are sorry for all the suffering and death our armies caused."They tell us, "We now realise how we Christians failed. We could have spoken against what our government decided when it went to war. But we did not do this. We should have been willing to go to prison for doing this." Obeying God's Spirit within us should always make us speak in this way. We seek now to help everyone obtain this exchange of nature God wants to give us all.