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by Sawako Sabata, Japan

"Your grandmother has died. She looks beautiful lying there in the box in which they will bury her," they said to me one day.Now I had never seen a dead person, but when I heard this, I decided, "I will see what my dead grandmother looks like in that box."

Do you know, after I did this, I could not get out of my mind that look on the face of my dead grandmother. The look I saw on her face would not leave my mind. It remained there all the time. I could not forget it. I asked, "My grandmother has left her body but where has she gone?"

Now my sister one day surprised me when she told me, "I have become a Christian" She also said to me, "I know how you could obtain a position at a Christian college and become a school teacher."

So I decided to get myself baptised as if I was becoming a Christian. I did this so I would be accepted as a student at this Christian College. This made people say, "Sawako Sabata has become a Christian."

No idea

But this was not true - I had no idea how to become a Christian. I was still controlled by my old selfish self-for-self nature. Then later, I heard, "We have arranged for you to be married!" My parents had arranged this for me. So my husband took me to live with his parents. Now I hated every minute that I lived there. You see they made me their slave. Now one day I felt so sad I cried out, "What am I to do?" Then I remembered how happy my sister was when she become a Christian. So I said, "I will go to my sister's Christian Church. I will find out how they can be so happy."

Now the speaker at this Christian Church spoke from a part of the Bible called 1st letter to the Corinthians, chapter 3. What he said made me realise what I needed - a change of spirit. So I spoke to God and my life was changed. Yes, God gave me His Spirit to control my desires. "She is a real Christian now," people began to say about me. My father and my whole family have also found true happiness in becoming real Christians.