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by Sir Lionel Luckhoo, Guyana

"What do these North Americans want?" I cried. "We do not want them here in Guyana."

Meal in a hotel

You see I had received a paper which invited me to join some North Americans for a meal in a hotel. "They will have to meet together without me", I told myself.

But then I received a telephone call. "Are you planning to be with us for the meal at the hotel" they asked.

Now for some reason that I cannot understand, I found myself saying, "Yes, I will be there."

But I thought, "What do these people think they have got, that I really need? I have my own religion and I am successful as a lawyer. I do not need any help from them. These people are wrong if they think I must believe in what their Jesus Christ did on earth, or else suffer for my wrong doings. They are making a big mistake. I believe every religion can in some way help us."

I reminded myself, 21 people thanked me when I acted as their lawyer. I saved them from going to prison and I knew there were people that said about me, "Sir Lionel Luckhoo is the greatest lawyer in the world."

Now at that meal at the hotel, I was surprised at what I heard. You see, those people spoke about experiencing real peace of mind and joy, and a new way of living. "I would like to experience what these people are talking about," I told myself. Do you know, it was after that, I realised my life was also changed. Yes, I knew it was then that I received the gift of God's Spirit. So it was after that that I decided, "I do not want to be a member of all the clubs I have belonged to now."

I sold my racehorses

I also sold my racehorses. I began to read the Bible every day.

Now I travel the world to help people everywhere experience the power of God in their lives. I am able to tell world leaders, "If you speak to God, He will give you the answer to your country's problems."