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by Hao Yanna, China

"Why did I agree to come to this crowded city?" I asked myself. You see, I had left my home in a small quiet southern city of China. So after 28 years I had moved to this large city in the middle of China."

I never expected I would experience so much trouble here," I told myself. "I have no friends here to help me. I know no one in this city."

Yes, I felt very strange in this big city. The streets were so crowded and there was so much noise. So each day I felt little desire to get out of my bed. When I got to my work-place, I never knew if I had even brushed my hair. "No one seems to understand me in this city," I decided.

Why did I come here?

Again I asked, "Why did I ever agree to come here?"

I found I no longer enjoyed teaching students. I found myself making mistakes. It was as if my mind was filled with other things. "What can I do?" I asked. I had no idea how to overcome the problem.

But then one day, as I was eating my evening meal, I caught sight of a copy of SOON. I picked it up, and began to read it. I read one story after another. Yes, the more I read, the happier I became. As I did this, my worries seemed to leave me.

I became a different person and I said, "So that is why Jesus Christ came into this world. God must have seen this was the only way for us to obtain a new life." I then told myself, "It is my duty, and God's desire, that I should pass on my knowledge to my students."

That is how my life was changed.