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God always wants us to talk to him (pray). He wants to be our friend in good times and bad times. He always hears us and will answer our prayers. Here are stories from SOON readers who have found that God hears us when we pray. He will do wonderful things for us when we ask him. He helps us when we are in trouble and can give us peace in our minds. This happened when SOON reader, Mintesinot, prayed.

No school for me

My name is Mintesinot and I live in a small town in Ethiopia. When I finished Grade 7 in school, I had a problem. There was no school in our village where I could continue my studies. I asked my mother, “Please let me to go school in another town?” But this was not possible. My father died when I was two years old. My mother brought me up on her own with God’s help, but she was very poor. I began to pray to God, “Please God, I haven’t a father who can help me. You are my best father. Please let me learn in the best school.” One day, my uncle came to visit us. He said, “Minte is a good student. I will pay for him to go to school in another town.” When I heard this, I began to thank God that he had listened to my prayer. Now I am at school in that town.

I forgave my step-mother

Does God help us just one time? No, he is with us all the way through our lives. Talebe is from Ethiopia. He is now over 70 years old. He knows that God helpedhim when he was a child and is still helping him today.

I would like to tell you the true story of my life, from when I was about 12 years old. I was born and brought up in a village by my step-mother and father. Step-mothers are sometimes thought to be cruel to their stepchildren, especially if they have children of their own. At one time, this was true for me. I pleaded with her I remember one evening, my step-mother was milking the cow and I was holding the calf. I do not know why, but she began to tell me I had done many things wrong. Her words were not true. I did not know what to do or say. I knew that if I quarrelled with her, my father would hear about it. He would punish me very harshly, even if I had done nothing wrong. I put the calf down and lifted my hands towards the sky. I pleaded with her not to say anything more. My step-mother stopped speaking at once. I knew it was God who had helped me. He gave me the words to say to my step-mother, that had stopped her cruel words. She never spoke a bad word to me from that day. Later on, I went to school and afterwards got a job. My step-mother never had any children of her own. She adopted a girl and a boy, but sadly they both died.

 God has helped me

Now my step-mother is in her 90s and I am in my 70s. God helps me to look after her as if she is my real mother. The bad feelings I had for her in the past have gone. How have I been able to do this? Many years ago, I became a follower of Jesus. I asked him to forgive my wrong thoughts and actions. When I became one of his followers, he changed me. Jesus has helped me to love my step-mother and forgive all the cruel things she did and said to me. I told my step-mother about Jesus and what he had done for me. She became one of his followers too. It was then I was able to fall down at her feet and ask her to forgive me for any bad thoughts I had towards her. We thank God that he has forgiven us both.

Do you have someone who has done wrong things to you? You can forgive them. Jesus will help you.


Manazonwu from Nigeria tells her story.

 God helped me

I am a girl of 17 from a poor family Last year I left school and began to study to be a nurse. After three months, I took my first exams. I did well in all my papers and my parents were very happy. At the end of six months, we did more exams. I went home for a two-week holiday. When I returned, I had a big shock. I was one of the students who were not allowed to continue the course. I was very unhappy, and felt bad because of all the money my parents had spent. I was ashamed to tell people what had happened, so I got a form for another nursing school in the same state.

Then I prayed to God, “I promise that if I can go to another college this year, I will tell people what you have done for me.”

I took a small exam and then went for an interview at the new college. After that, I began to think, “I will not be one of those who can go to this college. Only a few students are chosen.”

I prayed to God again, asking him to help me whatever happened. A week later, when I looked at the list of chosen students, my name was there! I was full of joy. Now I am studying to be a nurse. I am giving thanks to God who helped mewhen I needed him most.