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  • Laughter sometimes helps, but if we have real problems we need real help.

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True stories

  • about what really happened

A parable is a story with a meaning

"I need a mobile phone," said Jibril to himself. He was an elder in his village and had seen other village people using mobile phones. So he travelled to the big town to choose a phone. The shop owner was very helpful. "I have already charged the battery for you," he said.

When Jibril got home, he showed the new phone to friends in the village, and told them his phone number. But he had a secret problem. When he pressed the phone 'on' switch, nothing happened. Because he was an elder, Jibril did not want to feel shame and look stupid to the village people. So he carried the phone in his pocket each day, pretending he could use it.

 Finding the truth

 After some time, he decided that he must find out the truth about his problem. One evening when it was dark, he went to visit Suleman – a young man who was one of the first in the village to buy a mobile phone. "Did you put in the battery and the SIM card?" asked Suleman. "No, I do not know what those things are," said Jibril. "Go back and look in the box," Suleman told him. Jibril went home to look. And there in a separate part of the box were the battery, SIM card, and a paper explaining how to use the phone. He took them back to Suleman, who showed him how to put them into the phone. "Without the electric power of the battery, and your own special identity on the SIM card, you cannot connect and talk to anyone," he explained.

 To connect with God

To connect with God, we need his power (a bit like Jibril's battery) and a new life (like a new SIM card). God promises that if we search for these things, we will find them. Sometimes we may feel afraid to ask other people about this. There is a story in the 'New Testament' part of the Bible (also called the Injil) about a man who was afraid to be seen asking Jesus questions, so he visited him at night.

What does this story tell us about connecting with God, and finding a new life and identity?