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This is not the end of Hyacinthe’s story. He began to tell other people about all Jesus had done for him. One of them was Marie, who later became his wife. This is her story:

My name is Marie. I was always a religious person and knew about Jesus. I believed that I could only be Jesus’ friend if I did things to please him. I did everything that the religious leaders told me, and followed all their customs. I thought this was the way to get to heaven. One day, Hyacinthe and a friend named Martine spoke to me about Jesus Christ. I told them I was OK because I was very religious. I did not understand then, that there is nothing we can do to earn our way into heaven.

Everything was only for me

Soon after that, Martine asked me to come with her to a Christian meeting. When I went into the building, I saw how different it was to the place where I worshipped. Everything that the leader of the meeting said, seemed to be only for me. The next week I went with Martine again. After the meeting that day, I asked Jesus to forgive me and be my friend and master. He gave me peace in my life and I felt free. I realised that I no longer had to try and make God pleased with me. Many in my family were very unhappy when they learned that I was following Jesus. They did not want to know me any more. But now, after many years, we have a good relationship again. God has been good to me.