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I am Jonnada from India. Although I grew up in a Christian family, I did not follow Jesus. My father told me about Jesus, but I did not listen to his words. One day, when I had left school, I ran away from home to a big city. I went to the railway station and sat on a seat, feeling very sad and lonely. A man came to me and asked, “Where do you want to go?” I did not reply. Instead, I cried.

What is your problem?

The man asked, “What is your problem?” I did not know that this man was a follower of Jesus, but he was. He told me that, however far I ran away, Jesus was with me and wanted to help me.

Jesus came to the earth to show us how we could know God. He took the punishment, which was death, for all our wrong doing. “Do you believe this?” the man asked. I realised that I had not only run away from my family, I was also trying to run away from God. I needed to ask God to forgive me and be my friend. Right there, I became a true follower of Jesus. I began a new life that day, following him. I went home to my family and now I tell other people about Jesus.