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Theresah is 14 years old and lives in Ghana. She likes reading SOON papers about people whose lives have been touched by God.

On the day that my school had exams to test the final-year students, I was very ill. This made me sad because I was a final-year student. I did not go to school that day because I was so ill. I could not do anything. My parents did not have enough money for me to go to the hospital. There was nothing they could do to help me. My family members were all very worried, so they prayed to God asking him to heal me and make me well again. The next morning, I felt as though a heavy load had been lifted off my shoulders. God had answered our prayers and healed me! The teachers at my school even allowed me to write the exams I had missed, and I passed very well. Now I know God in a new way. He is my best friend and I will always thank him for what he did for me.