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We all want to have money for the things we need. Many people cannot find work to earn money, others do not earn enough for daily needs. Life can be very hard. But we must be careful if someone tells us we can get rich quickly.

There are bad people who tell us we can have a lot of money if we do what they say. One trick they use is to pay for someone to go to another country, then give them a bag or something small to carry. The person travelling does not know that the bag has illegal drugs hidden inside. There are many people in prisons in other countries because they were caught, often at airports, carrying illegal drugs. They may go to prison for many years. The bad people who gave the bag stay free and trick others. Kingsley* and his sister Florence* were tricked in this way:

It sounded good

When Kingsley was 20 years old, he and Florence left their village and went to live with their uncle in Lagos, Nigeria. Both their parents were dead. One day Kingsley’s friend said to him, “I want Florence to go to Thailand to look after my business there.”

This sounded good, so Kingsley said, “That is OK.”

Kingsley’s friend made all the plans and paid the air ticket for Florence. She and Kingsley thought everything was working out right for them. Just before she was to travel, the friend gave Florence a bag. She did not know that he had hidden drugs inside it. When she got to the airport in Thailand, the drugs were found. Florence was arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Good news

In prison, Florence talked to God (prayed) and begged him for her freedom. One day she had a big surprise. She was freed and sent home to Nigeria. Kingsley and Florence knew that God had answered her prayers and they will never be tricked in that way again. God is our helper when we call to him.

*Kingsley or *Florence are not their real names


More dangers

Another trick: someone offers you a job that seems very good, in a different country or town. But it is not a real job. They make you work very hard for no money. Girls are often sold for sex. This is called ‘trafficking’. Read how Candy was tricked, and learn how to be careful:
Learn more about trafficking dangers: