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Here are two stories of SOON readers who made big mistakes as they were growing up. But God is always ready to give us a second chance.


I spoiled my life

My name is Regan, from Iringa Region, Tanzania. My parents and family were followers of Jesus and taught me about him when I was very young. But as I grew up, I forgot all that I learned about Jesus Christ. I made friends with bad people and did many wrong things. When I was only 16, I spent my time with older people who were 18 to 25 years old, doing bad things. The older I became, the more I changed from doing good things to doing wrong. I became very cruel to people. In fact, I spoiled my life.

Wasting their time

Many people tried to tell me to stop what I was doing. But I would not listen. I thought they were wasting their time. I stopped studying and, athe same time, became infected with a bad illness. I spent almost six months in bed. One night I was near to death. I was afraid of dying. I called out to God to help me. I told him I was sorry for all the wrong things I had been doing. That night, God came to me in a vision and touched me. The next day I was completely well! From that day I started my studies again. I am so grateful to God because he has forgiven me and given me a second chance.


Kondwani made a big mistake

I am Kondwani Tembo, from a poor family of three children in Malawi. But my parents cared for me very well and gave me all I needed. Things began to go wrong for me when I was at primary school. My mother did not know this at first, but I did not always go to school. Instead I talked with my friends and helped them to feed their cows and goats. When my mother heard what I was doing, she was very angry. She called my uncle to come and talk to me. He told me, “It is good to go to school. You will have trouble if you do not learn.” But I did not follow what my uncle told me.

I did not learn

The time came for me to start secondary school. My parents were very happy and encouraged me to work hard at school. But I followed my friends again and did not take my exams to finish my education. Now I have a lot of problems, just as my uncle warned me. I really regret this and would advise anyone not to follow what I did, Kondwani is now studying by post the SOON Bible study course called Teach Yourself the Good Life. God can turn things around for him, just as he did for Regan. Do you need God to turn things around for you? God will always give us a second chance.