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Dhigudya is from Jinja Uganda. He tells his story.

During the school holiday, I decided to go and help my grandmother in her village. She is very old and cannot do anything to earn her living. Her village is a large one because the soil is good. Many of the people are farmers. They are able to export maize, which is the best crop* to grow there. The people also plant trees which provide wood for fuel to burn and for making furniture. I helped my grandmother and looked after her in every way. I prepared food, fetched water, cleaned her house and collected wood for the fire. My grandmother sent me to the forest to collect the wood.

I was late

 One day I was ill, but there was no clinic in the village. My grandmother made a drink for me with herbs. Because I was ill, I was late collecting the water and wood. I fetched the water quickly, then I borrowed a bicycle to go to the forest. It was a long way and I knew it would soon be getting dark. I became fearful as I went along. I asked God to keep me safe from any trouble. By the time I had collected some wood, it was beginning to get dark. I wanted to get home quickly so I went as fast as I could on the bicycle. As I came to a junction, I suddenly saw a big long black snake. I had never seen one like this before. I was very frightened and quickly asked God again to keep me safe.

I could not move

In my panic, I fell off the bicycle which landed on the snake. I lay on the ground, shocked and hurt. It was as if I was a rock – I could not move. I saw the snake trying to get free from under the bicycle. At last it managed to slither away. It went in a different direction from where I lay. God had saved me from the snake! Cut and bruised from my fall, I picked up the bicycle and went home as quickly as I could. My grandmother was surprised to hear what had happened to me. She washed my cuts and bruises. “It was God who kept you safe from the snake,” she said. “He will look after you wherever you are.