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There is a proverb (a wise saying) that says, “Seeing is believing”. Rebecca, from Ghana, found that is was true for her.

 I was the only girl in my family, the youngest of four children. I grew up in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. When I was nine, my parents divorced. I lived with my father, brothers and other relatives, and felt very much loved by all the family.

My new stepmother

Things were going well for us, but then my father married again. Everything began to go wrong. My father changed completely. It was as though there was always fire in our house. There was no peace. My new stepmother began to treat us very badly. She often told lies to my father about us, then he would beat us. The time came when my stepmother forced me to go and sell things on the streets. I was only a little girl, 10 years old. I started selling water, fruit, vegetables and other  things in the market. When I saw my friends going to school, they laughed at me because I had a wicked stepmother. Sometimes people stole the things that I was selling. This made me very upset and I used to go home with tears in my eyes. But my stepmother did not believe the things had been stolen. She beat me and said, “You have taken the money from me and spent it.”

Life was very bad

When I was very young, I read stories about wicked stepmothers who treated their family badly. Before I had a stepmother, I did not believe that these stories could really happen. I did not think that there were people who were so unkind. But I also heard the proverb “Seeing is believing”, and now I know that some stepmothers are very bad. I have seen it for myself. Life was so bad in our home that my brothers all ran away, leaving me to suffer alone. My father never went to look for his sons, because my stepmother did not let him. He always did what she told him. So he just left them to wander in the city on their own.

At that time, I did not know about Jesus Christ who came to earth to die for our sins. I did not know that there is a creator God who can help us when we have problems. Instead, I suffered on my own from the many bad things that my stepmother did to me. My father often came home late from his work. He began to have too much strong drink. Sometimes he did bad things, even in the street where many people could see him. I did not blame him because I heard all the wicked things my stepmother said to him each evening. It was because of her that my father changed. Many times I wanted to run away just as my brothers had done.

A changed life

Then at last, everything changed for us – my father divorced my stepmother. My brothers were found and brought back to our house. My father met his first wife again (my real mother) and she came back to us. We now live as happily as we did before all our troubles began. Better than this, I have learned about Jesus. It is he who helped us in the bad times and changed things around for us. Now I go to Christian meetings to learn more about Jesus and the Bible. I will be in heaven one day with God, my heavenly father. Whatever problems we have, God can help us. He can turn things around for you too.