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These are two stories from India

Hit by a taxi

Jubel from Maharashtra State, India, tells his story:

My daughter Sweta was on her way to college when she was hit by a taxi that was going too fast. The people who saw what happened took her to a hospital. Many bones in her body were broken and the doctor said she would never walk again. But my wife and I did not give up hope. We asked many followers of Jesus to pray (talk to God) that Sweta would be able to walk. After three weeks, she began to get better. The broken bones began to mend and get strong again. Now she can walk! We remembered some words of Jesus in the Bible that say*, “God can do what men cannot do.” What the doctors could not do for us, God did. We know that wonderful things like this happen when we believe in Jesus Christ.


My wife was near to death

My name is Satbir and I come from a village in Haryana State, India. I married my wife Reena in 2003. But life for us was not good. I did many wrong things and was not faithful to my wife. After we had been married for one year, Reena became very ill. I took her to all the best doctors but they were not able to help her. This went on for three years. I looked at my life – it was very bad. I had little money and Reena was near to death. I even thought it would be better if she died. My mind was troubled. I wandered around looking for help for Reena.  

A new person

One day I met a friend of mine called Sumitra. She took me to her home to meet her husband who was a follower of Jesus. Sumitra’s husband told me about Jesus Christ. He told me some words* of Jesus which helped me very much: “Come to me, all of you who are carrying heavy loads and I will give you rest.” I asked Jesus to help me and I became a follower of Jesus. I felt as though I was a new person, but my wife was still very ill. One day I was away in another village. When I returned home, I found my house was full of people. My wife was lying on her bed and she had a problem breathing. Then I remembered Jesus’ words, “Come to me.” God gave me his courage. I carried Reena to the hospital. As we went I asked Jesus to make her well.


The doctors did what they could for her. By this time she was unconscious. They wanted to test her blood. I took the blood to a laboratory. This took me one hour. When I returned to the hospital, Reena was sitting in a chair, her eyes bright with happiness. She looked as if she had never been ill. I realised that Jesus heard my prayer. Three years of illness were gone! All the people in my village were amazed to see what God had done for my wife. Many of them ecame followers of Jesus when they saw what he had done

*You can find these words in the Bible, in the part called Matthew, chapter 11 verse 28.
Read it online: matthewchapter11