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My name is Abraham from Nekemte town, Ethiopia. Here is the story of what happened to me in 2007. At that time, I was a student at Gondar University which is about 133 km from where I live.

Trouble at the university

There was trouble at the university when I was in my first year there. The students and university leaders could not agree together. Students refused to go to lessons. Some students started to throw stones at the buildings and cafe. There was chaos everywhere. After two days the police came and tried to force the students to leave the campus. I escaped with some other students, who were all followers of Jesus. We went to a Christian building nearby where we stayed and were given money to buy food.

No money for food

But there were so many of us, the money was soon all spent. We became very hungry. I said to my friend, “Let’s go to the nearest hotel to eat.” He laughed at me. “How can we? We have no money.” “God prepares everything,” I said. We went to the hotel and ordered some food. But the waiter would not take our order. Instead, he went and brought us some special food which cost a lot more money. I said, “We cannot eat this. We have no money to pay.” “Do not worry. Eat it,” replied the waiter, “And enjoy your food.”

After we had finished eating, we were very afraid. How were we to pay? Then the waiter told us, “You do not have to pay, someone has paid the price for you.” We were very surprised. The waiter did not tell us the name of the person, but we knew it was someone that Jesus had sent to help us.

Good things

It made me realise that God can bring good things into our lives when we trust him to do so. This wonderful true story reminds us of what Jesus Christ came into the world to do for each one of us. The Christians' holy book, the Bible, tells us, “For sin pays its wage – death; but God’s free gift is eternal life.”*

The wrong things we do stop us being free from our sin. But God sent Jesus into the world to pay the price for our wrong doings. Jesus died, even though he had never done anything wrong. He has paid the price for our sins, just as someone paid the price of a meal for Abraham and his friend. God wants us to receive his gift of freedom from doing wrong, so that one day we can be with him in heaven. He wants us to turn away from wrong things, then he will be our friend and helper for ever.

* This sentence is found in Paul's letter to the Romans, chapter 6, verse 23 Romans 6:23