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On Tuesday, 12 January 2010, a terrible earthquake hit the country of Haiti. Many thousands of people died, thousands more were hurt. As the ground shook violently, buildings fell down, rocks were thrown around. Everyone suffered in some way. But, even in all this trouble, Saintil from Haiti learned that God was there, helping people.

I have a cousin named Marianne, and at the time of the earthquake she was in her second year at a school for nurses. Every day she had to be at school all afternoon, from 13.00 until 19.00. On the day of the earthquake, she washed herself at 12.00, ready for school. She went to her room to get dressed, but she never went out. Her mother realised that she was very late for school, and went to her room. She found Marianne asleep on her bed. Her mother said to her, “You are lazy, sleeping when you should be at school!” But Marianne thought, “It is too late to go to school now.” She fell asleep again. It must have been a very special kind of sleep. Even the violent movement of the ground when the earthquake came did not wake her up. By the time she woke, the earthquake had stopped and the damage was done. The next day, she went to see if her school building was damaged. It had completely fallen down with the students inside. Some of her classmates and friends died that day, but God spared her life. I think it must have been for a very special reason. God showed his love to Marianne and her family.