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My name is Olukunle. My life began in a small town in Kwara State, Nigeria. I was the third child of my parents. My father was a mechanical engineer. We were all followers of Jesus, going to Christian meetings every week. My parents had very little money. I was only able to go to school because I was given a scholarship by the school.

One day, I had to take my younger brother home from school because he was ill. On the way, I saw a coin on the round. It was worth a lot of money. As I bent down to pick it up,a voice inside me told me not to touch it. But I did not listen. I put it deep inside my pocket.

I bought bread

On the way back to school, I stopped to buy bread with some of the money, so that I could eat it in school. I went to the place where we eat our food. One of my friends saw me and asked, “Where did you get that bread from?” I told him,“I bought it.” My friend was surprised because all the school knew that my family was poor. I would never have any money in my pocket to buy bread.

The visitor

That day our teacher had a visitor. When we went back to our classroom our teacher told the class that her visitor had lost some money. I was shocked . That must have been the money that I found. What had I done? The voice inside me came to me again, "You should have listened to me.” I did not know that a girl in my class saw me buying the bread. he went to the teacher and told her that she had seen me with money in my pocket to spend. The teacher called me to her. She asked me where I got the money from. I said, “I found it when I was taking my brother home."


"You took it from my visitor's purse," she said. I told her that it was not true, but she did not believe me. The teacher spoke to the head-teacher of the school. I had to go to his office. He wrote on my school record that I was a thief and he punished me. No-one believed what I said. My parents soon heard what had happened. They beat me and gave me hard work to do for a week. It was then that I realised: if I had listened to the voice inside me, I would not have had all this trouble. It must have been God speaking to me.

I asked God to forgive me for not listening to him. I know he has forgiven me because the Bible says, “Let us tell God about our wrong ways. God can be trusted. He does what is right. He will forgive us for the wrong things we have done. He will make us clean from all that was wrong."*

What is our conscience?

We all 'hear' a voice inside our heads at times, telling us what to do or not do. We call this our 'conscience'. God speaks to us through our conscience. Olukunle realised that the voice speaking into his conscience was from God. He knew it was God speaking to him because the voice tried to stop him doing something wrong that would get him into a lot of trouble. God always tells us to do things that are right and good.