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Paul Nwachukwu from Nigeria felt like a lost son because he disobeyed God.

In 1978, I was a SOON reader. I felt that God wanted me to teach people in my area about him, using the SOON papers. But I was a young man at that time. I did many wrong things. I did not want to do what God asked me. I was not ready to follow Jesus because I wanted to go my own way.

I was the same as the lost son

Then 15 years later, I became a real follower of Jesus. My life was changed around. Jesus was now my friend and helper. A few months ago, I realised that it was the SOON paper that had helped me to begin my wonderful life of following Jesus. As I thought about it, I became sad.

All those years ago I did not do what God asked me to do – teach people about him by using SOON papers. By following my own way, I was far away from God, just as the lost son was far away from his father.

But now I know that God has forgiven me. He has shown me that his love is even bigger than our parents’ love for us. I went to my computer and used Google to find the SOON paper. I found it very quickly. At last, I can again have a SOON paper! I can do what God asked me to do all those years ago.