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Daniel Kalu from Nigeria tells a true story about his family

My father was a king and leader of the traditional religion in our village. My mother is a follower of Jesus. They have four children, all boys.

 The woman kept shouting

One day my mother went to the farm to collect cassava for us to eat. She was four months pregnant, so could not carry much food. That same day, a woman came to our house and shouted, “Patience, you are a thief. I didn’t know you were like this.”

She kept shouting. People heard her and came running. They asked her what the problem was. “She is a thief. She crossed the line between her farm and mine. She stole some of my cassava,” the woman replied.

They called my mother and asked her if it was true. My mother said, “I don’t know anything about her cassava.”

“She is a liar,” the woman said. “She will have to promise in front of the whole village that she is telling the truth.”

 I never tell lies

“I am a follower of Jesus,” my mother said, “I never tell lies.”

But because my father is a powerful man in our village, she had to follow the traditions of the village and promise in front of all the people that she did not steal or lie. When the day came for her to make the promise, all the people came together to see what would happen. My father told my mother, “Patience, you may say something before you make the promise.”

 A brave thing to ask

My mother knelt down and said, “God, show the people you are real today. Let them know that I am not a thief and a liar. Also God, you know that I always give birth to boys, this time I want you to give me a girl. Then everyone will know that I am not guilty.”

As my mother was still talking to God, people started shouting at her. They told her to stop or trouble would come to her. My mother said, “I know that the God that I serve will show I am not a thief or a liar.” When my mother gave birth, she had a beautiful healthy baby girl. God showed the people in our village that my mother was not guilty.

My father went to see his daughter. He came into the room, knelt down and said, “God, as you heard my wife’s prayer and gave me a baby girl, I will give my life to you and serve you for ever.” From then on my father was a follower of Jesus. It was a wonderful day for our whole family.

 Questions to think about:

  • The lady who said Patience was a thief was wrong. What should we do before we say out loud that someone is a thief or a liar?
  • Patience believed God would help her. Have you asked God to help you when you have been in trouble?
  • Daniel’s father gave his life to God because God answered Patience’s prayer. Has God done good things in your life? How have you shown him you are thankful?