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Kalyan from India tells us how he learned that God is our helper.

I was taken prisoner

I was home from my school in the city because I was very ill. When I was well enough to travel back to school, I had to go alone by bus. Soon after the bus leftmy village, I fell asleep. I was still weak from the illness. I woke up after a while to find myself in a train! I realised I had been taken prisoner – kidnapped. I was being held as a prisoner in the train by bad men. I looked around me and could see only one way out of the carriage. For the first time in my life I cried out to God, “Please help me!” As the train came to a station, I rushed to the door of the carriage and quickly jumped from the train. I fell on to the platform. A policeman was nearby. He took me back to the carriage. “Those are the men who made me their prisoner,” I said. They were arrested. Before that, I did not believe in God, but now I know he is our powerful helper.


Rasoanantenaina from Madagascar found that, when God changed his life, he was able to forgive a workmate.

He owed me money

 Some years ago, one of my workmates called Pierre* borrowed a lot of money from me. “I promise to give it back in a month,” he said. But he did not return it, even though I asked him many times. Then Pierre left our work-place. I did not see him again for a long time. Last year he came back. As soon as I saw him I remembered the money. I waited for him to talk about it, but he never said anything. The same happened every time I saw him. I began to think of nothing but the money Pierre owed me. I realised I was beginning to hate him.

So I asked God, “Give me a clean life. Teach me how to forgive the wrong he has done me.” God changed me! I became a new person. I don’t hate Pierre any more. I think good things about him. God is good!

*Pierre is not his real name


Edward is a SOON reader from Bukura, Kenya

 The tree saved me

I was born into a family who were all followers of Jesus. I knew about him but I did not know him as my friend.

One day, when I was 16, I was travelling to the shopping centre 10 kilometres from home. Behind me on the road was a tractor pulling a trailer full of sugar-cane. Suddenly, the driver lost control. I could not hear it coming because of the noise of people, trucks and other vehicles around me. But I did see it – only just in time!

Nearby was a school fence and a big tree. I ran faster than ever before and hid between the tree and the fence. I held my breath as I stood behind the tree. The next second, the tractor hit the tree so hard that the driver was killed, but I was safe. God did a miracle in my life that day. When I got home I decided to begin a new life with Jesus as my helper. He had saved me from death. I wanted to live the rest of my life following him.


Akhei from India tells what happened to his father

Bitten by a snake

 My name is Akhei. I was born in 1988 in a small village in India. My family were all followers of Jesus. When I finished my schooling, I made a promise to God that I would serve him all my life. After two years at college, I was in our village with my family. One day I came from my friend’s house to find many people, relatives and friends crowding around our door. They were shaking and fearful. I went into our house and found my father lying on the bed, his hand swollen up. “What has happened?” I asked.

“Today your father went to work in his garden and a snake bit him on his hand. It was a very poisonous snake,” they said.

Everyone was worried. They knew that my grandfather’s younger brother was bitten by a snake and died. They were afraid that this would happen again.There was no vehicle in the village to take my father to hospital. He would have to wait until the morning. By then it could be too late. Some of the people said, “He may die at three or four o’clock in the morning. That is when the snake poison will kill him.”

The night felt very dark as we waited to see what would happen. It was as though we waited for a thousand hours.

That same night I made a second promise to God, “If you make my father better from the snake bite, I will serve you all of my life.” Then a miracle happened! After 4 o’clock in the morning, the swelling in my father’s hand became normal. I was soon able to return to college to complete my studies, knowing that my father was well. God was good to us.