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Here are stories from SOON readers who have learned that when they ask God for help, he answers them. He helped them when they had troubles.

We could not pay school fees

My name is Elizabeth and I come from a poor family in Ghana. When my father lost his job, we did not have enough money to live on. My mother had to find work selling things in the market. I was in Senior High School in another part of the country; my brother and sister lived at home. They were often sent home from school because my parents did not have enough money to pay the feesBut, when my brother was at school, he did very well. He was given a place at a good Senior High School. My brother had to help my mother at the market so that there would be enough money for him to go to the new school. I helped too when I was at home. But sadly, the little money we earned in the market was only enough to buy food for the family.

The time was getting closer for my brother to go to his new school. He worried that he would not be able to go because there was no money for the fees. My mother and I asked Jesus Christ to help my brother. We asked for a way for him to go to the school. But there was little time left. We began to lose all hope.

A sudden visitor

Then my brother’s uncle came to our house. We did not know that he was coming. We had not seen him for a very long time. He said he would pay for my brother’s education. We were so amazed, we could not speak. This was a miracle from God. I thanked God for being like a faithful father to my family.My brother is very happy that he is going to Senior High School. I have learned to trust God. I know that we can tell Jesus all our problems and he listens to us.


I was often hungry

I am Dickson from Zambia. My mother and father were divorced when I was only one year old. As I grew up, life was very difficult for me. Sometimes I lived with my grandmother and at other times with my uncle. I wondered, “Does anyone really love me?” I also knew how it felt to be hungry. Often there was no food to eat for two or three days. I was always asking God to help me.I began to read the SOON paper in the 1980s. It really helped me. I learned that we can trust God to look after us when we have problems. He always hears us.

Now I am the leader of a SOON Readers Club. I know how it feels to have problems. I tell people to trust God and to talk to him (pray) when they are in any trouble. God is always there to help us.


Forced off our land

My name is Timothy. I grew up in a family of 10 children in Kenya. My parents were able to pay for us all to go to secondary school. My father worked as a porter at Nairobi airport, and my mother farmed our land. As children, we learned about the Christian religion. We knew that we could talk to God at any time, but we were not real followers of Jesus.

Bad times for us

Suddenly, things went very wrong for my family. There was trouble with our relatives and we were forced to leave our land. All our family prayed to God for help. During the next three years, we often visited the law-court to try to end the trouble. But our relatives gave money to the judge so that he would listen to them and not us. Then an even worse thing happened. My father died in a bicycle accident. We do not know how the accident happened. People in our village said that a curse had been put on my father by our enemies. We kept on praying to God and hoping he would make life better for us.

Suddenly God began to answer our prayers. Two wonderful things happened. My father’s employer gave me my dead father’s job so that I could earn money to keep my family. Then, the next year, I became a real follower of Jesus. At that time I was feeling bad because of our enemies and all our troubles. One of my brothers, who was already a follower of Jesus, took me to talk with his pastor (Christian leader). He wanted to help me find peace in all our troubles. The pastor told me that, if I said “sorry” to Jesus for all my wrong doing, God would give me peace now and a hope for the future. He put his hands on my head and I felt God’s peace overwhelming me. I thanked God for forgiving me. Now I am a new person. I have a friend who will help me in all my troubles.