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told by Eugen Begu, Albania

"Communism has failed", the world newspapers read that day. "Communism has fallen in Albania," they told the world.

Now I was shocked as I read this news. I feared what might happen next. Inside I also felt unhappy and empty. Then the following year you may remember the newspapers read, "Violence has blown up all over Albania."

But do you know what this did for our people in Albania? It caused people to ask, "Can God help us in all this trouble?"

How God helped me

Many people went to Christian churches to see if they could find out if God could help them. In that way, I myself found out that God does help people in their trouble. I spoke to God, and found God can give us his own Spirit to come inside us and change us. This changed my unhappiness, and I do not feel empty inside any more.

I thanked God for sending Jesus Christ to this earth to die as punishment for my sin.