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Isaac lives and works in the Central Region of Ghana, West Africa. He is married to Agatha, and they have three children. Being a child can be dangerous! As a young boy, Isaac suffered many bad things which he remembers well:

"When I was seven years old, I was hunting animals with my brother in the bush. My father thought my movements were those of an animal and fired several gunshots. When he reached me, I was unconscious. At Cape Coast hospital, I had an operation on my back and chest."

Voices in my head

"At the age of eight, I heard voices speaking to me inside my head. One voice told me that if I could jump over a fire, I would be a powerful man in the future. I tried to jump over a fire, but fell in. One day returning from school, I needed to use a toilet but fell down the pit. Some people heard my screams and came to get me out. You can imagine how bad this experience was!"

Isaac's father was worried, and called in the Chief Imam to pray for him and give him special liquid to drink. Isaac remembers, "None of these things worked, and I began to think that Satan wanted to destroy me. Yet looking back over my life, I know that God was looking after me.


After middle school education, Isaac went to study in the University of Legon. Success in the course gave him a job at the school. Yet it did not bring him peace and happiness.

"Several people talked to me about Christianity, but I remained strong in my own beliefs. I wore 'goodluck charms' to protect me from Satan's attacks. None of this gave me any peace in my life. A Christian woman in my office told me I must receive Jesus Christ into my life. I said bad things to her about Jesus and I told her to stop preaching at me."

Back in his home town, he went to pray in the Mosque. "On my way back, the words 'You will perish' came into my mind. I became afraid and my heart was pounding. Another night in bed, I heard the same voice say three times 'You will perish.' I decided that, next day, I would buy a Bible."

To start with, Isaac was afraid to read it. Yet when he began, everything that he read seemed to 'do him good'. He realised his work friend only wanted the best for him! He went to her to say sorry for his rudeness, and she asked him to go to a Christian meeting with her.

Was it planned?

It seemed to Isaac that everything in the meeting was speaking just to him. "I felt certain the whole thing had been planned." Isaac went home realising that he had a problem — he was bad and sinful inside. "I begged God to forgive me. I cried many tears. During the next three days, I discovered that there were many changes in my life." Isaac had found the amazing truth that God actually loved him, and could forgive him and change him inside.

Family problems

Isaac's Muslim father begged him not to leave Islam. Isaac said he would follow Islam again if his father could take away what Jesus Christ had given him. "But this was impossible, because no one could take away the joy and peace I had found."

Later Isaac's father became seriously ill. He chose to ask for a Christian leader to pray for him. Now twenty of his father's 30 grandchildren have found Jesus as a friend and helper in their own lives.