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by Thomas Paulson, Germany

"We are building a new, better society called Communism," I told everyone. "We must guard East Germany from the wrong ideas of Western nations."

So in 1984 I joined our East German army to train as an army officer. "We will prove to the world that Communism is the way to overcome the problems that every country faces. We will show the way to stop greedy people obtaining more than their fair share of things," I told people.

Then one day, when an army officer asked me about my family, I said, "I have a relative who cares for a Christian Church." He then said to me, "He must be mad."

Then Russia began to change, and I became interested in 'perestroika'. So I decided to leave our East German army. That meant I was turned out of our East German Communist Party.

I managed to get a job in a power station, but my life seemed empty of all meaning. One day I visited my aunt in East Berlin. She told me, "I have found some people that say they are proving what God can do for us. They see people healed of diseases."

When I met some of these people, I said to myself, "I wonder why these people seem so happy?" So I asked them, "Please explain to me how you find happiness."

They said, "The reason why we used to find it difficult to be happy, is because the first man Adam pleased himself, and a selfish spirit took control of his life. That is the reason why we are all born with the wrong selfish nature that makes it difficult for us to be happy."

So I spoke to God in the way they told me. I can now truly say that I am really happy.