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by Tadesse Biru, Ethiopia

"Give Tadesse no more medicine," I heard the hospital doctor say to the nurse. "Send Tadesse home to die. He will be dead in a few days."

So my friends took me home to die. Now I had heard about people that said, "We know God is alive and wants to help every one of us."

Then as I lay there on my bed waiting for the sickness to kill me, those people came to see me. They told me, "You need to obtain God's forgiveness for your wrong doings. God wants to give you the power of His Spirit. If you receive God's Spirit, you will enjoy life after death."

Please heal his body

Now they then began to speak to God. They said, "God, please help Tadesse to receive your Spirit, also please take his sickness away. Please heal his body, we ask this in Jesus' Name."

I then did as they told me. I said, "I thank you God for sending Jesus Christ to earth to be punished by death for my sins. Please give me your Holy Spirit."

Yes, I know God heard me. You see, I also began to feel better in my body. Then it happened! The sickness began to leave my body. "I am saved from death by the help of God," I said.

I now enjoy living as I seek to help other people find what God can do for them too.