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"He does not know how to play the game of football. He keeps breaking the rules of the game of football."

Have you heard this said about the way someone plays the game?

Have you heard someone say about a footballer:

"He argues with the referee, who is supposed to be in control of the game. He tells the referee that he know the rules. So several times, the referee has sent him off the field."

What happens if you break the rules?

Now we know football players will suffer if they break the rules of the game. They may get a warning, or be sent off, or they may be dropped from their team.

We should also know there is a reason why so many people suffer in this life. It is because they break God's rules of living in His world. They may suffer either in their bodies or in their minds. So when people ask you, "Why do I have to suffer so much trouble in this life," you should ask them, "Have you obeyed God's rules for living this life on earth?"

You can add, "If anyone of us disobeys God's rules for living this life, then they will have to suffer."

However they may say, "I cannot stop myself from doing wrong things."

So explain to them, "You can obtain the power of God to say 'No' to selfish desires. You will then avoid much trouble."