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SOON reader Clement Tangnak is a policeman in Papua New Guinea.

I opened the door of our police van. Before my foot reached the ground, an arrow hit me in the chest. We were travelling back from the Pogera Gold Mine in our Toyota van. As we went round a bend we saw some logs of wood in the road. Our driver stopped. We did not know there was an ambush only a few metres away. My commander gave the order to get out of the van. It was then the arrow hit me. After escaping from the ambush we drove for thirty minutes to a hospital. The arrow was still in my chest — I thought I was going to die! At the hospital I had an operation to remove the arrow. Later they told me that arrow had gone right into my chest, but my life was spared.

He spared my life

I did not know then that it was God who had spared my life. But on 19 August 1998 I asked God to forgive my wrongdoing and I received Jesus Christ into my life. He showed me how much he loved me — because even before I knew him, he was looking after me.

In a letter in the Bible, a man called Paul wrote this, "God showed his love for us in this way: Christ died to save us while we were still bad people".

God sent Jesus Christ into the world to die instead of us, to pay for our wrongdoing. He did this because he loves us and wants us to know him in our lives."