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by George Bereza, Peru

"Call the police," the customs man cried.

As he did this, he seized hold of me. You see, he had cut open my false arm with his knife and drugs had poured out.

Caught hiding drugs

So the police came and arrested me. Later the judge said, "I sentence you to prison for a long time for carrying drugs to other countries. You will stay in prison for a very long time."

So at last they had caught me. I had managed to carry drugs to other countries 28 times in my false arm, but now at last they had caught me. You see I had lost my arm in an accident, and this false arm was fitted in its place. I used it each time to carry drugs. I had carried all sorts of drugs without being found out. I obtained much money by doing this.

But now in prison the guards did not give us all the food we should have received. They sold our food to people outside the prison. They even left us without water at one time. So we fought one another in that prison to try and obtain some food.

I feared

Some prisoners used knives and I feared I would be killed But one day I was surprised to hear someone ask me to go with them to a Bible Study in the prison. Now it was in this way I found out what God can do for us. So I decided to ask God, "Please forgive my wrong doing. I believe Jesus Christ died as punishment for my sin."

That is how my life was changed. Then my mother wrote to 'Prisoners Abroad'. These people now write to me in prison, and send me money to obtain food for myself.