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by Sen Sarroth, Cambodia

I was suffering from many problems. "Who will help me escape from all my troubles?" I cried. "Drink much strong drink," someone said. "That will make you forget your problems."

So I did as they said. I found taking strong drink did block out my fearful thoughts for a time. But I found when I woke up, I began to worry again. The bad things in my life had not gone away. So I said, "Perhaps the Buddhist religion can help me to overcome all the bad things that I suffer?"

So I went to the Buddhist temple three or four times a week. I made sacrifices to Buddha. But I found this caused nothing to change in my life for the better.

Then one day I became very ill. "How can I obtain money for the medicine I need?" I asked myself. So that night I fell asleep crying, because I could see no way out of my problems.

Born with the wrong selfish nature

But some days later, I heard someone say, "You should know Jesus Christ is alive. He waits to change your life. He can give you peace of mind, with freedom from all worry. He can supply all your need."

So I asked these people many questions. They explained to me, "You should know, we are all born with the wrong selfish nature. This wrong selfish nature is the cause of much of our trouble."

So I spoke to God. "Please forgive all the wrong things in my life," I said. "I believe Jesus Christ allowed those men to kill him as punishment for my sin. Please give me the power of your Spirit to overcome my selfish desires."

After two weeks, all my sickness, pain and sorrow had gone. God delivered me from them. Now as I help other people, God helps me with all my problems.