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Do people ask you, "What good does your religion do for you?"

I wonder what you tell them? Do you say, "I find true happiness through my religion?"

You should know every day more and more people around the world can say, "I find true happiness in life through what I believe. I have escaped from the angry voice inside me. I seek to help everyone to experience true happiness in life."

I have escaped

They add, "Yes, I have escaped the control of wrong sinful desires. I spoke to God, I asked God, 'Please forgive my wrong doings. I believe Jesus Christ did no sin, and allowed those men to kill Him as punishment for our sin.' I asked God To give me the power of His Spirit.' So I now enjoy life as I help other people find the way of escape from the control of their sinful ways. I went on to take four SOON Bible courses. When I had obtained four Bible Course Certificates, I formed a SOON Readers Club."

Now we knew some Clubs have become churches with as many as 1,000 members. We know in some countries there are many SOON readers clubs and Christian fellowships.

So we ask you, "Does your religion make you happy? So does your religion work?"