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  • Laughter sometimes helps, but if we have real problems we need real help.

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True stories

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If we talk to God, there is one request we can ask, that he will always answer with "Yes". The request is this: "Please show me more about who Jesus really is."

A Filipino sailor asks for help

Lemon is a sailor from the Philippines working on an oil tanker. He was wanting to find more about God. Then one day he ate some bad shell-fish and became very ill. "I was so sick that I thought I would die. I prayed to Jesus at this time and said, 'Jesus, if you let me die now, what meaning has my life had? Up to now, I have only lived for myself, without honouring you. Please give me a chance, and send me someone who can show me the way to you.'"

Finds meaning in Hamburg docks

Lemon did not die. A few days later, he met a follower of Jesus called Martin who visits the big ships in Hamburg Docks. He gives papers and Bibles in many languages to the sailors. Martin told Lemon more about Jesus, and how we can find a new life with meaning and purpose. He explained how Jesus died to take the wrong-doing and pain of everyone who trusts him. He gave Lemon a Bible correspondence course which explained more. After working on three of the lessons, Lemon talked to God again – but in a different way. This time, he told God that he wanted to turn from his old life and accept the new changed life that Jesus was waiting to give him. Lemon found what millions of people are finding – that he had a new friend, and that it was as if his old life was thrown into the sea. "God...enjoys being kind. He will come back and comfort us again. He will crush our guilt and throw away all of our sins into the deep sea." 1

1) The prophet Micah wrote this in the Bible, chapter 7, verses 18-19.