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Discovered Great Zimbabwe

When people first found the ruined city of Great Zimbabwe (near Lake Mutirikwe and the town of Masvingo, in Africa), they were surprised. The stone walls still stand and are up to six meters (20 feet) thick. Nearly one million stone blocks were used to build the wall around the city. It is the largest old building in Africa south of the Sahara. Yet most people do not know about this wonderful city. It had been forgotten.

We now know that it was built by the Shona people 800 years ago. Many valuable things have been dug up at Great Zimbabwe, showing that it was southern Africa's greatest trading city. These things were made in places as far away as China.

Discovered a medicine

In science too, unexpected or hidden things are often discovered. Alexander Fleming was cleaning some testing dishes when he noticed mould growing on one, that was killing germs (bacteria). He had found the medical drug called penicillin, which doctors now use to save millions of lives.

Why am I here?

But the most important discovery in life is to find why we are here. We need answers to these questions: What are we made for? How can we find a real purpose in living? Why does the world have so many problems? Where can we find comfort for pain and suffering? People tell us many different ideas about these questions. Others say that there are no real answers at all. But there is one answer that many people have never thought about. It is a hidden treasure they do not expect.

Something even greater

The hidden treasure is this: the high God – the one who made everything – wants to show us what he is like. So he came to us in the form of a man – Jesus. He understands our pain and difficulty. But because he is more than a man, he can give healing and strength, with real purpose and meaning in life. Is this a treasure worth looking for? Is it the greatest discovery of all?

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