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Daniel comes from Lagos State. He is 20 years old and has been studying the SOON Bible Course.

I hated myself. I saw myself as an unclean person with no hope – someone who would never be able to serve God. I was ashamed and angry. Why? Because when I was ten years old, my aunty abused me. She forced me to sleep with her and had sex with me when no-one else was around.

Hated girls

My parents were Christians and I tried to follow the Christian religion, but my life was a mess because of what I had experienced as a child. I wanted to know and love God, but all I knew in my life was sin, shame and hatred. I grew up to hate my aunty and all girls. It affected my whole life, even my school studies. I could not talk to my parents about it so I turned to a Bible teacher. He told me that the same thing had happened to him. I could not believe that other people could have the same experience.

The teacher told me how I could solve my problem. He said, "It is Jesus Christ who can deliver you today as he did me."

I followed what he said, and asked Jesus to take away the shame, guilt and anger that I felt inside. Jesus changed my life for ever. I was able to forgive my aunty. The shame, anger and feeling that I was dirty, were all gone from my life. At last I was free.