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Solie is from Liberia in West Africa. He escaped to nearby Guinea-Bissau, as a refugee. Here is the story of what happened to him in 2003. On 10th September 2003, there was a takeover of the government in Guinea-Bissau which happened peacefully. Three weeks later, a group of rebel soldiers, who were against the new government, attacked the town of Mansoa in central Guinea-Bissau, where I live. This attack took place at 3 o'clock on the morning of 29th September.

 We started running

While shooting was going on, I was too afraid to stay in my house. I got up and started running with many other people without even closing the door behind me. Everybody had to find his or her own place to escape to. We came across rebel soldiers, who were shooting people. One of them saw me and said, "Stop!"

He pointed his gun at me. I spoke to God in my mind and said, "Jesus Christ, please help me."

The rebel soldier walked towards me still pointing his gun at me. When he got near, he asked, "Who are you?"

I answered, "I am Solie from Liberia."

He said, "You are a hairdresser and a teacher."

I said, "Yes," surprised that he knew me. Maybe I just could not recognise him at night. He said, "Get out of my way before I kill you."

I started running. Then I saw an open toilet and went in.

Come out

The shooting continued so I stayed hidden. It lasted about three hours. At 6:45am I heard a voice shouting, "Everyone come out."

I came out and walked a little distance. There were some government soldiers with their weapons. Dead bodies lay on the ground. The soldiers laughed at me and said, "You are acting like a woman. What made you run away?"

Many of them knew me, because they came to my shop for haircuts, while others attended our English school. I heard them saying, "We have killed the rebel soldiers."

The door was open

When I reached my house, I saw that my door was still open. I entered and saw all my belongings untouched – nothing had been taken away. Then I knew for certain that Jesus Christ is everywhere with us. Whenever we are in trouble, we can talk to him and he will answer our call. If you give your life to Jesus, he will help you with your troubles.