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Wang is a SOON reader. He is 43 years old and comes from Fujian Province in China. But now he is in prison in Thailand. There he learned that Jesus Christ loves him and he became a Christian. Here is his story:

Life sentence

In January 2000, the police arrested me in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, for carrying illegal drugs. The sentence I was given in the court was life imprisonment. But this was my second prison. All my life I worshipped idols and bad spirits. Fear had hold of me. I felt as if I was a prisoner in a dark place – my first prison.


When I was put in prison in Thailand, someone gave me a Bible, the Christians' holy book. I began to read it. As I studied it, my life began to change. I read about Jesus Christ who came to bring freedom for the whole world. He gives us hope in place of fear and despair. I realised that even in Bangkok Prison, my mind and spirit could be set free.

I asked Jesus to change me and give me a new start with him as my friend. I learned that he was with me and that he even loves people who are in prison. My body is still suffering because I have lost my freedom, but my spirit is not a prisoner any more. It is free and happy because Jesus Christ is now my friend and helper.