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Miss Amori was very beautiful. She and her friend entered a beauty contest, which Miss Amori won. Her friend was so jealous, she hid behind a wall one night and threw acid in Miss Amori's face as she went past. The acid burned her face and spoiled her beauty. Miss Amori was taken to hospital in great pain; her friend was sent to prison.

I can never forgive

One day a Christian man visited Miss Amori in hospital. He urged her to forgive her friend. "You will never know real peace in your own life if you do not forgive her. Also, Jesus Christ will not forgive you for wrong things you have done," he told her.

"Are you asking me to forgive that bad person?" she said. "I can never forgive her for the wrong she has done to me."

That night she could not sleep. She realised she hated her friend so much that it was as though her inside was all eaten up with hate. Just as the acid ate up her face, so her own hate was hurting her inside. She came to see that only Jesus Christ could help her to forgive.

Nowhere to live

She wrote a letter to her friend in prison, telling her that she had forgiven her and that she did not hate her any more. When Miss Amori was well enough to leave the hospital, she began to go to Christian meetings and learn more about how God wanted to forgive her. Some time later, her friend came out of prison. She had nowhere to live, so she went to Miss Amori's house. She knelt on the floor in front of her. "Please forgive me?" she asked.

"I have already forgiven you and I love you," Miss Amori replied.

From that time, they lived together in the same house. In the Christian's holy book the Bible, Jesus Christ said these words*: "If you forgive others the wrongs they have done you, your father in Heaven (God) will also forgive you." Miss Amori had found out that this was true.

* You can find these words in the part of the Bible written by Matthew, chapter 6 and verse 14.